Monday, June 20, 2016

I have sent the following email to hundreds of people, companies,  institutions, etcetera. I have not, as yet,  received a response from anyone. I don't understand the lack of interest. Maybe someone can enlighten me.

I designed and built an E-Generator... It converts mechanical energy into electrical energy... No fuel or battery storage needed... It will run until the parts wear out...  I am looking for the necessary resources needed to properly develop and build a proper prototype...

I can provide unlimited sustainable energy.  Are you interested?

Gary Stonecipher

Sunday, February 3, 2013

A place where… Black is the Colour of Light!

In the Dark Regions of the Nether Worlds...My Mind Atrophic
this where I SubSisted...Black is the Colour of Light
Mental Hurly Burly...Confusion the Norm
BrainSucker was I...Suckling the Wonder from the Living

Great Poets and Philosophers of Yore...Socrates, Thoreau, Aristotle
Thinkers...Perpetual Provokers...Hunters of Truth
With Their Eloquence of Thought...Their Sure Footed Words
Their Spirited Pursuits is the Nourish...for Future Men

Poesy...Philosophy...Literature...My Heart this Desired
Read it...Write it...My Soul I'd Sell...for just one line
Tried I Tried...Again and Again
The Heart Cloven...yet Spirit Stays True to the Path

Tortured Genius Fermenting...till it be Vinegary
i became only a shell...of what i should have been
failure heaped upon failure...heart ladened with self-reproach
each course traveled...a dead end ensured

Sagest with Philosophers Stone... Divine Inspiration for Fuel
A Brainwashing applied to craft a new ME
Two half-wits become one... Lucidity now in Dominion
Breath of Life... from husk to Thor... I God of Thunder

My Soul...Soothed and Warmed... Elysian Fields I Now Live
Life Filled with Wonder and ME with New Child Like Eyes
SunRise an Awe-Inspiring Sight
The Adventure Now Begins... and Joyful for the Opportunity

I once longed to be something I couldn't
I now work to be something I can

Friday, March 4, 2011


        is a flavourless
                nondescript existence,
        unfit for human consumption…

It is something or somewhere in between:

        life inhaled and lived large!
        good ol' dog pooh-pooh!

Perhaps t'would be better said:

        To be Normal;
                is to be that lifeless.. soulless…
                ad nauseam… state of…
        "Dead Decaying Animal Flesh"

Normal, wants everything
to act and look like as if
it's a mirror image of itself
So… Normal built a society in
a small narrow plain brown box
so to keep life in a neat & tidy
ordered state of ordered order

Normal employs the spiteful
Rubber Stomp-On'em Police
to make sure all the little pegs
born outside of their ordered
small narrow plain brown box
get netted, subdued & nailed
into their One-Size-Fits'em-All
small narrow plain brown box
so they become the mirrored
image of the lockstep & bagels

And… this is done,
        whether you like it…
                or not…

        There may yet be
        hope for the Normal's,
                to become life like…

They may have something,
        not yet manifested like:
            mad cow disease


            a mad cow could go
        a-thump & a-bump
    mashing their little human caput
             traumatizing their known reality…
            into surreality

hope beyond hope
        all ye Normal's,
                ya just never know…
        DoDo… Do Happen…

Normal is…
         as Normal does…
                  and Normal —

tic-toc tic-toc cuckoo… cuckoo…

did you hear about… last night…
he tried to burn down his house …
with his wife and kids in it…
he must have a screw loose… ya…

they say he hears voices…
he claims they tell him what to do…
maybe a leprechaun lives in his head…
he's not like you… or me…

look at that guy… he keeps doing…
the same thing over and over again…
he doesn't stop, there he goes again…
he's not normal, like you… or me…

I've seen his type before…
he's six cans short of a six-pack…
his deck of cards only has jokers in it…
glad you're not like him… me too!

did you hear… another lunatic…
committed suicide at the mall yesterday…
again… they jumped from the…
why would anybody… who knows…

yesterday, as I was driving to…
some maniac cut me off over at…
and then he gave me the finger…
he acted as if it was my fault…

what's this world coming to…
kids killing kids… go figure…
why do you think that is…
bad parents I guess…

people just don't take responsibility…
ya… there's no reason for…
what they did… probably a good spanking…
like my father used to do… is what they need…

they say some chemicals in the food…
can make a person to be psychotic…
that's crazy… food never hurt me…
me neither… just another excuse…

excuses, excuses… in my day…
if you did something like that…
they'd lock you up and throw away…
just pampered little… these days…

hey… are you all right…
no, everything is closing in on me…
buck-up man… get a grip on yourself…
damn… who'da of figured you for a…

Hi! John… give me a beer…
where's your buddy today…
he's feeling sorry for himself…
go figure… guess he's not like us… ya…

tic-toc tic-toc cuckoo… cuckoo…
tic-toc… it's eleventy o'clock…
do you know where your
mental health is today!

Peace Tree

call to
honour bound
united as one voice
one for all and all for one
it is time to gather our seeds
to sow something other than death
anew it shall be America The Beautiful
An American
Peace Tree

Beautiful Little Butterfly

Look Dad! 
I really am a Beautiful Little Butterfly!!

As I was pulled from my mothers womb
a cold world was awaiting to receive me...

Long before I had left my mothers womb
they said; Maybe I shouldn't come into this
world... 'cause I wasn't going to be right...
and the world can be a very cruel place...
and how I would be a real burden on the
family, to have to deal with every day!

My mother... soft... warm... loving... scared
held me tight in her arms... safe and secure
She wasn't going to take any chances...
as they tried to pry me from her arms

My father is holding me now...and he's
counting my toe's... one little... two little...
three little piggies, all going to the Mall...

Now he tells me how there are a lot of
big bad wolfy's out there that, will want
to gobble me down... and I will need to
learn how to watch my pic-a-nic basket
he's now telling me how hard he'll try to
protect me from those bad wolfy's who
will try to filch... my pic-a-nic basket...

I believe him... He then tweaks my nose
and laugh's... that's for luck kid, he says

How strong is his face... even when wet
with his tears... He's telling everyone...
that I'm his Beautiful Little Butterfly...
    with wings so soft and pretty...
    and colours of blue and gold...

My father puts me back in my mothers arms...
and he tells her that I am a Blessing from God...
'cause only God… can make perfect things...
like me! His... Beautiful Little Butterfly!

(Revised 3-4-11)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Do not force your Will... upon my Free Will

as my Soul is mine to tend... not yours to bend...

I am at a lose to explain the rational Man has for secrecy
and lies, as I cannot comprehend what drives the thought,
that these are needed to survive... I see arrogance of ego
as one of the main engines, and causes visual impairment
of the mind, soul and a blind eye towards the suffering of
others... I also see faith in a belief as another engine, and
causes Men to justify any action they take on the premise
of working for a greater good; The Salvation of ManKind!

When I ask myself; What gives these Men a right to take
charge of my life, and guide me towards there conception
of salvation¿ I can find no other answer, other than; They
themselves had decided, they know what is best for me...
I was born with a Free Will, so that I can judge for myself
what course I should take... When Free Will is taken away
by another, a very important Spiritual Law is broken; That
which is given by God, should not be taken away by Men!

If I was born with a Free Will... and someone comes along
and interferes with that Free Will... I have the Free Will to
chose to, except my being subjugated by others, or to rebel
against being enslaved by them... Most, will cower at there
feet, afraid of the consequences if they dared stand up and
make a claim for their own soul... I will stand tall and claim
my soul is mine to tend, and not for them to bend... and tho'
they have the might, it is my right... my duty to challenge it!

I first must ask; What gives you that right, to insist I follow
your idea of morality¿¡ What Gives you the right to legislate
decency¿¡ What is it that empowers you, to force your Will
upon my Free will¿¡ Did God tell you¿¡ - or - Did you think
of it yourself, when you created the delusion of grandeur in
your mind¿¡ - or - Are you a greedy power hungry pig, who
enjoys feasting on the misery of dashed hopes¿¡ It matters
little how you arrived at your demented Moralistic state of
consciousness, the time has come to see your Tyranny end!

I and those like myself are giving notice: Let it be known...
All those who have been forcing their Will, delusional ideas,
belief's, and so forth and so on... must cease their Moralistic
Tyranny! You will no longer be allowed to inflict your Will
upon others, as they were born with Will of there own, that
was meant to be Free from intrusive regulatory restraints...
Free Will was meant to be otherwise God would never have
given it out as a standard feature... But, if you should believe
God has made a mistake in this area, and you actually think
you know what is really best for us; Then please do consider
this notice null and void... and I will let God know you judged
Him a blunderer, 'cause He entrusted Man with a Free Will!

Brand of the Mammon:

Christians take up the fight,
    to preserve the right,
    to keep on our coin...

No one can serve two masters...
    sense we can only follow one,
    our choice is perfectly clear...
    The Almighty Dollar has WON!

The moralist of Christian Dogma
    have made it perfectly clear;
    The Almighty Dollar is now...
    the official God of our worship!

This was truly a fitting fight...
    to become embroiled in,
    sense this is the only God...
    we have come to Trust!

Now we must all go and worship
    at the Alter of QVC...
    in the Temple of GAP...
    Ministered by the Trump!

In God I Trust but... In Men?

a-round-n-round it goes...

The Wheel of Life...
  goes a-round-n-round
    spins a-round-n-round
      twists a-round-n-round
Life on the Wheel...
  makes you dance-n-dance
    and you can not stop!

The Wheel of Life...
  seems never ending
    it feels never ending
      and it's never ending
Life on the Wheel...
  spins out of control
    and you can't escape!

The Wheel of Life...
  is out of control
    it has no brakes
      yet plenty of gas
Life on the Wheel...
  spins out of control
    into a tailspin you go!

The Wheel of Life...
  gives one more chance
    and yet another chance
      and yet another chance
You can't leave the Wheel...
  until you get it right
    now you may get off!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Hate the Circle of Hate...

Monday, April 19, 2010

Mastication of an Enchanted Fruit...

As you travel through life you may chance
upon a path to Enlightenment... and on this
path you will find a tree called knowledge,
and it is baring a forbidden and dangerous
fruit... enlightening all those who eat it, but
before you decide to take a bite out of this
fruit you must first comprehend the reality;
Knowledge is Power ~ Power will corrupt

When the fruit is consumed raw you gain its
knowledge... but its powerful essence must
 be seasoned; if you vinify the fruit... you will
be transformed by the intoxicating affects of
 Power... and thy Heart shall become Greed,
and the cravings of Greed can't be satisfied

But if you bake it into a Pie called Humble...
thy Heart shall become compassion and will
 know all the jubilation of life's offerings, and
shall travel down the path of righteousness...
always seeking Truth, for the sake of Justice

But a warning does come with this Pie called
Humble; Passion... is the root of all Emotions
and Love, is the First Emotion; Truth... is the
root of all Virtue, and Justice is more than just
the First Virtue... it is that very foundation for
 righteousness... and must apply to all things in
life; and those, who have drunk the fermented
fruit will know this; and so you must be willing
to pay a price, and Truth's demands are high!

This fruit... will bring berating scoffs by those
Leaders of Men who drank the fermented fruit
 of knowledge and had drunk it 'til intoxicated by
its Power; They know and you know, that you
must expose them... you must destroy them...
before they spoil the fruit and it turns vinegary

if you should
desire to pick the fruit
from a tree of knowledge;
you have to be... a Free Thinker
to gain the power of Enlightenment;
if your thoughts are not free of all those
preconceived notions beset by other Men;
what you will find will be but those illusions
based on your assumptive rationalization;
an exercise, bringing forth something
far worse than simple ignorance;
delusional disorder
delusions of grandeur
delusions of persecution
death on a rope; a rope you
were given to hang yourself on
just like... A staked out yard dog

An Age of Reason requires reasonable Men...
Logical Positivist; Men who know there is no such
thing as a problem, just a situation in need of a solution

King of a Dying Realm!

Bethink Mankind...
    Predator or Prey¿¡
        Predator be Wolf;
            Prey be Sheep;

Neither is an acceptable creature,
    for Man to be;
Man's purpose in life is to...
    nurture his spiritual self!
Not to lay waste to his world...
    in seeking power and pleasance!

During the night of this present day,
    a child will be:

Come the morning of the morrow
    the child knows it is the Prey...
        in a Predators Hunt!

Fresh meat for the market of miniatures...
    a very desired and prized commodity,
        to be sold into Slave Labor, or...
            to be used as a Living Sex Doll!

Just a thing to be used and abused,
    'til it's all used up, and then flung...
upon an ever deepening pile...
     of Human Excrement!
Just one more Wasted Human...
    just another piece of...
        Human Waste!
...and so forth, and so on to the next one...
    goes this never ending story!

Nota Bene: Make sure all your used up items are
disposed of in the appropriate trash receptacles:

e.g. Child Services, Mental Hospitals, etcetera...

How can one chase after pleasance...
    when a child lives in harms' way?
Perhaps this is because Man has not...
    sufficiently nurtured his spiritual self!
Man's ignorance is reflected, in the...
    arrogance of his Self-Worship!
In placing himself above all else, Man...
    is now the King of a Dying Realm!

Listen to the children...

    It is time to listen
to what the children are saying;
    It is after all,
their future that we are affecting.

When they ask a question
    about the rational
of the adult worlds actions,
    they are ignored.
        - or -
are patted on the head and told;
    "some day you will understand."

    I still don't... Do you?

They ask things like; If I am supposed
    to get along with other people,
    even when I really don't like them,
    why don't you have to?

When we were children,
    we did not except the
"Do as I say, not as I do...",
    response from a can.
So... why should they except,
    what we didn't?
The children of today
    are no different.

They are no different from
    the children of yesterday,
    nor will they be different
from the children of tomorrow.

Perhaps the lesson here is;
    "The more things change,
    the more they stay the same".

There is no difference...
    in the difference!
Just as there is no difference
    in how the adults of yesterday,
    messed up the world for today;
Today's adults are now messing
    up the 'morrow.

Perhaps it is time to listen to the children,
    'cause we all know what happens,
        when we listen to the adults;
It is possible that the children...
    just might be...
        our only salvation!

A Genesis for Defunctness:

A Genesis for Defunctness is cultivated
by the pathetic nature of the Apathist...
Their attitude of indifference creates a
lack for any real enthusiasm to live life!

To the Apathist, life is little more than...
a pain in the arse, and should a little effort
or some consideration be needed, it's just...
to de-facto... to demanding... to much stress!

It appears that their true purpose in life is...
is just to take up space, space which could
be put to better use like... Bumps on a log!
Do you mind if I make a suggestion?

There must be a bridge somewhere near
one that is sufficiently high enough to...
conclude your pathetic little life's story;
Please look for one and jump off... Soon!

This being a cold and callous suggestion,
was intended to jump startle your heart
into the rhythmic functioning of a human,
and to reanimate your spiritual self-worth!

Life being such a short lived experience,
leaves little time for that self-indulging art
of self pity... with that side order of doubt!
Hey! There's a Rose!... Go and smell it!

Starting to feel a little better now aren't you?
Good... now get off your arse and start doing;
I don't care what you get involved with...
but do something meaningful with your life!

Make an old man feel like someone cares!
Make an old woman feel a little bit needed!
Adopt a child or a dog and give'em a home!
Adopt a child with a dog... It's a two'fer one!

The Apathists nature is not a lack of desire,
but a lack of will power to act in and on life;
To believe that life is not capable of change,
is to believe that life is void of any purpose!

Life was designed by the Gods and Goddesses,
and everyone is born into this world for a reason!
To believe you have no purpose in life... is to say;
The Gods and Goddesses have made a mistake!

Life does not offer a guarantee, nor does life
come with an instruction manual;  Besides...
the fun is in fully exploring all of life's richness,
and the occasional tooth ache... is just part of it!

So buck up my friends and join in the fun,
as it matters not what your lot in life be;
It matters only how you truly inhale life...
and those lyric's you write for prosperity!

His memory he left...

This way up
   that way down
      unless you decide
        to turn this world
   wrong side-up
or inside-out

Life is a bit of a bitch
   what a bitch it can be
      Blue Bird of Happiness
         committed suicide today
      no more zip in that do-da
   one less zipity to do today
my-oh-my it's another day

Scream loud and long
   this he did, yes he did
      there is no mistaken it
         we all heard it even with
      fingers stuck in our ears
   he wouldn't let go till you
heard what he had to say

Allen Ginsberg (1926 - 1997); His memory he left...

Beautiful Little Butterfly

As I was pulled from my mothers womb
a cold world awaited to receive me...
My mother is holding me in her arms...
She is soft... warm... loving... scared...
She wasn't going to take any chances
as they tried to pry me away from her

They said; I was not going to be right;
long before I left my mothers womb...
They said; Maybe... I shouldn't come
into this world... as the world is cruel...
and I will be a real burden to deal with

my father... he is holding me now...
strong is his face... even when wet
with his tears... He's going around
and telling everyone, that... I'm his
    Beautiful Little Butterfly...
    with wings so soft and pretty...
    and colours of blue and gold...

my father puts me in my mothers arms
and he tells her that... I am perfect...
and that I am a Blessing from God...
as God... only makes perfect things...
like me... his Beautiful Little Butterfly